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healthy food

Zerofat makes Sure all the cuisines being prepared and served to you is fresh and made with dedication. We value healthy eating and lifestyle without compromising the taste of the food.
Indulge with our wide-range selection of dishes with zero-guilt in mind


ZEROFAT’s central mission and vision extend beyond deliver delectable and flavorful premium dishes to its esteemed clientele. Our overarching goal is to champion good health, aiming to position ourselves as industry leaders in providing unparalleled support to individuals aspiring to embrace a healthier lifestyle without compromising on quality, taste, or convenience. The true measure of ZEROFAT’s success lies in the transformative impact it brings to each customer’s quality of life.


ZEROFAT has a vision to become a leader in promoting holistic lifestyles and fitness, aiming to help individuals reach their seemingly unattainable health and fitness goals. They are actively exploring the establishment of new restaurant locations to foster community engagement in fitness. ZEROFAT also plans to sponsor athletes and engage in health initiatives to support both professional and aspiring athletes in the UAE. Their goal is not only to promote their brand but also to spread the message of healthy food concepts in the near future.

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