Are you living a healthy lifestyle? Zerofat can help you reach your goals with Zerofat’s customizable meal plans. Zerofat has in-house nutritionists that could help you with your meal plans. You can select a program or build your own meal plan. Meal plans can be delivered in select areas across UAE. Enjoy the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle!

How Does it Works

how we cook

Your individual aspirations guide our meal planning process. Whether your aim is to manage your weight, build muscle, or achieve better overall health, we partner with you to design a customized plan that caters to your distinct tastes and objectives.

how we pack

We carefully pack complete meals, offering convenient portion control and daily delivery to your doorstep, with a strong commitment to maintaining food quality and catering to your specific preferences and dietary needs in our meal plans.

how we ship

We meticulously handle the shipping of our healthy meal plans, employing rigorous packaging standards to maintain freshness and nutritional value. Our commitment to quality extends to temperature-controlled shipping methods, eco-friendly packaging, and customization to meet your specific dietary requirements

What We Offer To You

monthly meal

We offer you a convenient and regular monthly meal service that caters to your needs without the need for daily ordering

weekly meals

We offer a weekly meal service, providing you with convenient and nutritious meals every week, simplifying your dining routine.

custom meals

We offer customized meals tailored to your preferences and dietary requirements, ensuring a personalized dining experience


We offer a health-conscious restaurant with a menu crafted to support your well-being for a satisfying dining experience.

Determine Your Body Goals

Weight Loss Plans

Serves up to 1200 calories.
Freedom of meals choices.
Freshly daily prepared.

Lifestyle Plans

Serves up to 1600 calories.
Freedom of meals choices.
Freshly daily prepared.

Athlete Plans

Serves up to 2000 calories.
Freedom of meals choices.
Freshly daily prepared.

Balanced. Healthy. Living

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