The Long Wait is Over – Home of Healthy Lifestyle Opens its 7th Branch in Al Foah, Al Ain

The Long Wait is Over – Home of Healthy Lifestyle Opens its 7th Branch in Al Foah, Al Ain

ZEROFAT, one of the fastest franchises in United Arab Emirates opened its Al Foah branch last July 16, 2021.

Humble Beginnings

ZEROFAT was established and started in Al Ain in 2016 as a holistic lifestyle restaurant that caters to everyone with healthy yet gastronomically tasty international cuisines.


As a pioneer and becoming the first homegrown healthy food restaurant in UAE, there is no doubt that ZEROFAT is continuously expanding in just a short period. ZEROFAT’s popularity in Al Ain grew stronger as it became the home that embraces everyone who wants to start a healthier lifestyle.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. Through the years, the team has risen to 500 employees who work hand in hand to deliver the restaurant’s promise:

Influence the community to a healthier lifestyle.

ZEROFAT is dedicated to delivering healthy meals to its subscribers prepared and made fresh daily. ZEROFAT values healthy eating and lifestyle without compromising the taste of food. Through the team’s efforts, ZEROFAT can be able to produce 500,000+ meals per month.

ZEROFAT follows international standards when it comes to providing quality products and services with its ISO and HACCP certification.

ZEROFAT is also the first healthy meal prep company and restaurant that acquired Registered Trademarks in the USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Russia, Jordan, Egypt, China, and GCC.


ZEROFAT menu is collaboratively designed by its nutritionists and chefs to come up with an array of delectable dishes yet healthy. You will enjoy indulging in the scrumptious menu without compromising taste.

With the world’s fast-paced advances, you need to keep up with the changes or be left behind.

That is why choosing a healthy restaurant that will satisfy your taste buds and health will be time-saving and life-saving. You can never go wrong with switching from eating junk to eating healthy.

Getting Bigger and Getting Better…

ZEROFAT is excited to welcome you, your family, and friends at our biggest branch yet – ZEROFAT, Al Foah. Debunk the myth that healthy is tasteless and surprise your taste buds with our delicious healthy cuisines prepared by our world-renowned and skillful chefs.

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