Ultimate Ways on How to Increase Muscle Mass

Ultimate Ways on How to Increase Muscle Mass

You may have tried many things and efforts just to achieve that optimum muscle mass that you want. Change takes time, but if you are doing your 101% but are not seeing the obvious size increase from time to time, it is a clear sign that maybe your approach is wrong. Aside from exercise and hitting to the gym, it is very important not to overlook good nutrition in your mass-building equation. The key to gain muscle fast is to establish a proper diet and a workout routine that is designed toward bulking up fast.

1. Workout

Start first on working with your basic strength exercises, as it will allow you to lift more weight. It enables you to lift heavier while you have the energy to stimulate muscle growth. Do a 30-45 minute sessions 3 to 4 times per week. During each session, you have to do it as intense as possible. Sure, your muscles will definitely get sore at first, but it will ease up once you get the routine going. It is important also to use proper form. Try to do every rep with a good form. In working out, you should alternate muscle groups as it can damage your muscles. Step a notch higher and avoid plateaus. If you do the same thing repeatedly, you will definitely not see any progress. Most importantly, mind over matter; develop a mind-muscle connection. Instead of focusing on other things, train your mindset that you could achieve your goals into muscle building.

2. Eating

When it comes to gaining muscle mass, it is also important to follow a certain meal plan. Working out alone will not get you to that “bulky” goal you are achieving. Increase your caloric consumption by keeping a log you eat. Get a recommended amount of calories that will fuel your body to build up muscles fast. Avoid foods such as bleached white flour, Trans fats, and foods that are high in sugar, these foods are going to build fat instead of muscles. Eat calorie-rich proteins such as beefsteak, chicken breast, salmon, and white fish. Do not skip breakfast. A good muscle-increasing breakfast might include scrambled eggs, super quinoa bowl, naked oats apple pie, halloumi, pancakes, and shakshuka with potato. For dinner, you might want to try a big piece of ground chicken and oats with coriander, one plate of grilled lemon chicken or go with beef burrito set with avocado sauce.

It is also recommended to eat at least 5 meals a day. Do not wait until you are hungry again; you need to refuel your body constantly when you want to increase your muscle mass. Lastly, stay hydrated, working out intensely can get you dehydrated. Avoid being dehydrated by bringing with you a water bottle wherever you go.

Patience is overrated. Do not waste your time working out alone. Seek for a nutritionist that could help you plan your meals every day. It is easy for some of us to overlook how important good nutrition in muscle building. Eating the correct meals is just as important in lifting for your muscles.

We know that adding complexity in the form of studying ingredient lists, reading nutrition facts is not just an option for us. Not to mention actually cooking, preparing and planning those healthy meals. That is why it is better to subscribe in a healthy meal plan subscription that will save you your time and all those complexities in preparing them. ZEROFAT offers comprehensive meal plan options that will supply you with a large amount of strength and endurance to increase muscle mass and intense long workouts.

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