Home Workout Guide

Home Workout Guide

Home Workout, all you really need is a small room with a few pieces of the right exercise equipment. You can even do the workout with zero-equipment if you are a beginner. Therefore, the proper setting, and an energizing atmosphere.

Eating right and getting plenty of exercise are important to good health. However, Just like having fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains at your fingertips in the kitchen.

First, you don’t want your exercise efforts to be short-lived, so make the workout room as comfortable as possible. Provide plenty of natural light with pale-colored sheers or blinds. However, a window with a view is even better if you can open it during workouts.

Second, a way to measure the intensity of your exercise is to check you heart rate or pulse during physical activity. Therefore, these should be within a target range during different levels of intensity. According to the CDC, for moderate-intensity physical activity, a person’s target heart rate should be 50% to 70% of his or her maximum heart rate.

Third, doing a quick cardio workout at home is more accessible than you might think. Moreover, It is efficient, offers convenience, and you may even save money. Luckily, a good cardio workout doesn’t have to require a ton of space or fancy equipment.

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Strength, weight, or resistance training. This type of exercise is aimed at improving the strength and function of muscles. Therefore, Specific exercises are done to strengthen each muscle group.

Flexibility training or stretching. This type of workout enhances the range of motion of joints. However, Age and inactivity tend to cause muscles, tendons, and ligaments to shorten over time.

Warm-up. This is the act of preparing your body for the stress of exercise.

Cooldown. This is the less-strenuous exercise you do to cool your body down after the more intense part of your workout.

Aerobic/cardiovascular activity. These are exercises that are strenuous enough to temporarily speed up your breathing and heart rate. While, Running, cycling, walking, swimming, and dancing fall in this category.

Bodyweight exercises are strength training exercises that use the individual’s own weight to provide resistance against gravity. Bodyweight exercises can enhance a range of biomotor abilities including strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance.

Starting your day with a healthy meal can help replenish your blood sugar, which your body needs to power your muscles and brain.

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