Health & Fitness Fun Festival

Health & Fitness Fun Festival

True to ZEROFAT’s vision and mission that to instill and influence the community and the society to a healthier lifestyle, ZEROFAT participated in an initiative from ACTVET under the program of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak. Health & Fitness Fun Festival brings together everyone who is focused on healthy living and nutrition to promote awareness and knowledge while having fun.

ZEROFAT as a primary sponsor in doing the live cooking show spearheaded the 4-day event with live cooking show lead by ZEROFAT’s head chefs, Chef Ibrahim Al Tamimi and Chef Sara Akkar. The two chefs taught students and guests on how to prepare healthy home recipes for the whole family.

ZEROFAT’s Chef Ibrahim Al Tamimi and Chef Sara Akkar

Aside from the live cooking show, ZEROFAT also gave free consultation and advices to spread health awareness with its certified nutritionists which guests and students learn what are the importance and benefits of switching to a healthier lifestyle.

ZEROFAT is not just a healthy restaurant, it is a community that inspires everyone to have an initiative to a cleaner lifestyle by eating healthy and doing what is right. Surely, ZEROFAT is serious in pushing the country and its people on to a healthier and active path.

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